June 24, 2013

Why the grass isn’t always greener- Alternatives to lawn

Perfect green lawns are an English obsession and have been so for centuries- the sweeping green lawns of Capability Brown in the 17th Century are iconic statements and without the lawnmower, cricket, football, ruby & tennis would not have become the games they are today.  But are traditional lawns always appropriate in our gardens? Will…

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June 17, 2013

Our Boutique Allotment-Support and protection

Its that time of year when many of our crops, or even our ornamental planting, need stakes and supports if they are to stay upright or climb & clamber.  It is also that time where our crops need protection from a variety of garden pests if they are to survive birds; slugs; insects etc. and…

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June 10, 2013

All for show: My show garden experience at Gardeners World Live (NEC June 2013)

Although I am a chartered landscape architect and garden designer with over 13 years experience in the profession, it is only recently that I have gone back to my roots (excuse the pun) to set up my own company Poppyhead Consultancy delivering garden and landscape design services.  Prior to this I was responsible for the…

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